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Repaskin Silk Touch SPF50

Repaskin Silk Touch SPF50

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REPASKIN Silk touch SPF 50

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face! Repaskin Silk Touch SPF 50 UVA/UVB/IR with a silk touch and non-comedogenic texture, protects the skin through its chemical filters and leaves a velvety finish. Non-comedogenic.

  • Very high protection against sun radiation
  • Prevents sunburns and skin erythema thanks to it chemical filters.
  • Repairs damage caused by sun radiation, thanks to repairing enzymes.
  • Its silicon-like texture makes it perfect for everyday use thanks to its velvety finish.
  • No white smears. Non-comedogenic.
  1. First, apply your regular base treatment.
  2. Next, apply a generous amount of Repaskin Silk Touch on your face 30 minutes before sun exposure, with a light massage.
  • The SPF refers to the increase of our defense capacity against sunburn. It multiplies by 30 or 50 (depending on the SPF) the time your skin takes to burn. Regardless of the SPF you choose, it’s important to reapply your sunscreen frequently, at least every two hours in prolonged sun exposure or after sweating, swimming and/or drying with a towel.
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