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Mama’s Anti-stretch Marks Cream to Oil 150ml

Mama’s Anti-stretch Marks Cream to Oil 150ml

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Mama’s Anti-stretch Marks Cream to Oil 150ml

Rich cream with Cream-to-Oil technology for fast and effective absorption of the beneficial substances in skin, specially designed for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks that appear on skin due to pregnancy.

Ideal for the treatment of body and sensitive area of belly during and after pregnancy.

It offers intense moisturization and soothed skin.

Cream-to-Oil Technology

Thanks to Cream-to-Oil technology, the cream transforms into oil during application, allowing the release of active ingredients and oil that help the newly appeared stretchmarks.

Prevention & treatment of stretch marks

The ingredient Regestril* prevents the action of enzyms, that are responsible for the decomposition of the skin’s tissues, thus the creation of stretchmarks, while stimulates the composition of new collagen and other structural ingredients of skin, resulting to the prevention of stretchmarks’ creation.

*Studies proved that the use of the active ingredient Regestril at 2% to 13 women with stretchmarks in belly after pregnancy and after 56 days of use, the skin looks smoother (+10,8%) and stretchmarks seems less visible (-72,5%).

Increase of skin’s elasticity & intense moisturization

Dermonectin, oligopeptides that contributes to regeneration of skin and stimulates the production of skin’s collagen and elastin, has as a result the increase of skin’s elasticity. Shea Butter in combination with Mango, rich in fatty acids, offer moisturization on skin and help skin’s elasticity.

Formula is enriched with Provitamin Β5, Vitamin Ε και Allantoin, with beneficial properties for skin, offering intense moisturization and increase of skin’s elasticity, leaving skin smooth and soft.

Apply daily on dry and clean skin, after your bath.

It is absorbed immediately without leaving a greasy feeling.

For complete care, use this product in combination with Mama’s Shower Gel and Mama’s Body Lotion.

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