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Electronic ThermoDiary Ear Digital Thermometer

Electronic ThermoDiary Ear Digital Thermometer

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Infrared thermometers

ThermoDiary Ear

Wireless ear thermometer using an app

A simple online solution
to help you manage fever
with no stress.


ThermoDiary Ear is an infrared ear thermometer that can be synchronized with your smartphone or used as a normal thermometer.


It measures your child's temperature in one simple step: all you need to do is insert it gently into their ear and press a button. It's so quick and easy that in just a few seconds, you'll have a temperature reading.

It's easy to clean, as it's splash-proof for water and alcohol.

The maxi display makes it easy to read, while the fever indicator shows you immediately if there's a high temperature (red LED) or normal temperature (green LED). If your child is sleeping, just use the silent mode to take their temperature without waking them.


ThermoDiary Ear can be synchronized to Pic Health Station, the Pic app that records, manages and shares all data and recordings, for a fever diary that is permanently available on your smartphone.
Once installed, its simple and intuitive interface lets you:

Record values automatically
Monitor temperature changes
Note any other symptoms or medications
Share information easily

And thanks to the Multi-Profile function, each family member has their own profile, so there is no risk of mixing up your data.
What's more, Pic Health Station saves your information directly to the cloud, meaning you can create a detailed diary of any fever on your smartphone to refer to whenever you need it.

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