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Aid Cryo Power Gel 100ml

Aid Cryo Power Gel 100ml

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Aid Cryo Power Gel

Cooling gel, enriched with herbal extracts, for immediate relief of aching muscles.

It offers immediate cooling sensation where applied, stopping the pain for 3-4 hours. It is quickly absorbed, leaving no stains (free of colorants).

Ideal for use after workouts and for bruises and swellings.

Mild soothing action:

Harpagophytum & Arnica extracts, in combination with Ilex – known for its toning properties- provide mild soothing action to aching muscles, offering relief, without irritating the skin.



Gently massage area of aching muscles.

Product offers an immediate cooling sensation. Ideal for use after workouts.

Avoid contact with eyes.

To not be directly applied on open wounds or mucous membranes (lips, eyes, noise).

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