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Mango & Apricot Face Peeling, 75 ml

Mango & Apricot Face Peeling, 75 ml

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Organic Mango & Apricot Face Peeling by Organic Shop is specifically designed for chemical face peeling. Instead of exfoliating particles (like scrubs do), it contains glycolic acid that weakens the bonds between dead epidermal cells and the skin surface. As a result, glycolic acid gently cleanses the skin and stimulates its regeneration and renewal.

In addition to glycolic acid, this face polish contain natural ingredients that help to take care of the skin. They include, for example, carrier oils (olive, mango, apricot kernel and macadamia). These oils are a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your skin needs to remain healthy and youthful-looking. They nourish and moisturise the skin, boost its natural protection, prevent dryness and flaking, improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The product also contains magnolia flower extract that makes the skin super soft and velvety smooth. In addition, it stimulates microcirculation, as well as leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. Finally, panthenol has a soothing and regenerative effect.

The peeling is free of SLS, parabens, silicones, polyethylene, and artificial preservatives, dyes and fragrances. Formulated with certified organic oils and extracts.

Directions. Apply to wet skin. Leave for 8 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

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