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8 Cereals with a Touch of Honey Calcium

8 Cereals with a Touch of Honey Calcium

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Nutribén ® Porridges 8 Cereals with a touch of honey Calcium

Nutribén ® 8 Cereals porridge with a touch of honey Calcium is an instant porridge intended for babies over 6 months , and is ideal for diversifying the baby's diet.

Nutribén ® has developed a natural production process without chemical processes, which represents an important technological advance, and which allows the original flavor of cereals to be preserved: thermal hydrolysis.

What are the benefits of thermal hydrolysis?

  • The exclusive heat treatment avoids the use of enzymes that produce more extensive hydrolysis.
  • The product dissolves very well and thickens quickly, so you do not have to add excess product and avoid overfeeding the baby, and consequently possible overweight problems.

One serving* provides 82% of the recommended daily amount of calcium per day, a mineral that plays a fundamental role in the development of bones and teeth.

*Prepared with 240 ml of Nutribén ® Continuation milk and 33 gr. of porridge.

– Net weight: available in 300 gr. and .

Dosage table

This table is based on average requirements, and can only be varied by doctor's advice.

Porridge tablespoons*
Water (ml.)
Age: 6 to 7 months
Age: 7 months or older

*One tablespoon is equivalent to approximately 6 grams.

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