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8 Cereals Fibre with a Hint of Honey

8 Cereals Fibre with a Hint of Honey

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Nutribén® 8 Cereals Fibre with a hint of honey

Nutribén® 8 Cereals Fibre with a hint of honey is an instant cereal for 6-month old babies and onwards, that is perfect for diversifying your baby’s diet.

Nutribén® has developed a natural non-chemical process: thermal hydrolysis. This process has meant a significant technological advance, and allows us to preserve the original flavour of cereals.

What are the benefits of thermal hydrolysis?

  • It produces less sugar, therefore Nutribén® cereals contain low levels of sugar.
  • By only using thermal treatment, using enzymes that produce extensive hydrolysis is not necessary.
  • The product is easily dissolved and becomes thicker faster. This way, you do not have to add more product meaning that you do not overfeed your baby, and thus your baby will not gain excess weight.

The fiber is known for its ability to promote the natural digestion of the body, absorbs and improves the presence of water, improving the evacuation of feces and avoiding digestive problems. Therefore, one of the first solid foods to be added to babies from the age of 6 months onwards is cereal porridges.

Nutriben 8 cereals and honey fibre is a porridge specifically prepared to favour the digestive system of babies, incorporating in their usual diet the properties of a diet based on a higher soluble fibre content, with a high cereal content, included in its ingredients:

  • - Wheat flour
  • - Barley flour
  • - Rye flour
  • - Oat flour
  • - Rice flour
  • - Millet flour
  • - Sorghum flour
  • - Corn starch
  • - Honey

A complete combination of cereals that, together with the properties of honey, offers all the vitamins, minerals and proteins your baby needs for growth.

Take care of your baby and pamper him with his food!

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