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Musti Eau de Soin Delicate Fragrance

Musti Eau de Soin Delicate Fragrance

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Mustela - Musti Eau de soin delicate fragrance

Musti Eau de soin delicately perfumes children and babies, bringing a touch of freshness and tenderness, thanks to its subtle notes of citrus, rose and lilac. It can be used safely from birth.

Proven efficacy

Formulated with 97% of ingredients of natural origin, Musti Eau de Soin delicate fragrance combines subtle notes of citrus, rose and lilac. 

Enhanced with honey and camomile extracts with softening and soothing virtues, this Eau de Soin provides a real moment of well-being and brings tenderness and freshness.

How to use
  • Gently apply to hair, neck and clothing.
  • Can be used daily

Tips for disposal and recycling: 
Please dispose of the empty bottle, in a segregated waste recipient ideally without cap.
Dispose of the empty box in a segregated waste recipient.

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