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Regenerating Gel Toothpaste

Regenerating Gel Toothpaste

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Curasept Regenerating Gel Toothpaste is a hygienic product with Chlorhexidine and Hyaluronic acid used as an anti-plaque treatment. It is indicated after teeth removal, insertion of implants, bone regeneration procedures and surgery of the periodontal area. This toothpaste cleanses the teeth, keeps the gums in a good condition and reduces the incidence of teeth pigmentation. It provides hydration to mucous membranes and increases tissue regeneration due to Hyaluronic acid. Chlorhexidine has disinfectant actions. 

Rapid anti-plaque treatment particularly indicated in all cases where a faster normalization of the injuries ensuring the success of dental procedures with more satisfactory results for the patient.
0.2% hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the mucous membranes and on the gums helping to hydrate the surface layers, favoring tissue regeneration processes through protective mechanical action.

It is recommended to use in case of:
- Complex dental extractions
- Insertion of dental implants
- Bone regeneration procedures
- Periodontal plastic surgery
The presence of the ADS® system, which decreases the incidence of possible pigmentations, confers
optimal compliance (acceptability) to the product.

How to use
Use the product at least twice a day for about 2 months. To enhance the effects of the toothpaste, it is advisable to combine it with Curasept® 0,20 mouthwash with hyaluronic acid and a Curasept® toothbrush.
Contact your Dentist if it is necessary to prolong the treatment.


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