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Baby Toothbrush Duo Blue/Pink

Baby Toothbrush Duo Blue/Pink

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Curaprox baby toothbrush duo is available in pink or blue. With a soft brush head. Added Curen bristles. With rounded handle.

Brush benefits

  • two brushes
  • for children
  • with a soft head
  • in two colors

More about the Curaprox children's toothbrush set

Children need to be accustomed to proper oral hygiene as soon as possible. Due to the specifics of children's oral cavity and their teeth, it is necessary to choose a suitable toothbrush for cleaning. A great choice is the Curaprox baby toothbrush duo. This is a set of two Curaprox Baby toothbrushes that boast a soft rubberized head.

This is flexible enough so that there is no risk of injury when brushing. The installed Curen bristles are extremely fine. Cleaning your teeth is therefore an extremely easy and enjoyable experience. With a brush, you can gently clean your teeth in a gentle way.

Special rounded handles are also suitable for brushing the teeth of older children. At the same time, the handle prevents excessive pressure on the teeth. The handle is also comfortable in the hands of adults when they help ensure their child's oral hygiene.

Curaprox Baby Biofunctional Toothbrush for Kids. The oral cavity will be optimally cleaned, and at the same time children will have fun brushing, which is a good investment in creating the habit of regular brushing as a child.


When brushing your teeth, help an adult who will make sure that the brush properly partially covers the gums and partially the teeth. If the children are old enough, they can also try self-brushing.


2 Baby toothbrushes

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