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Radiance Perfection Mist

Radiance Perfection Mist

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Radiance Perfection Mist

100% of natural origin 

Stop the mists filled only… with water.
This mist is a real treatment that brightens the complexion and lightens spots. Beyond words, the figures speak for themselves: thanks to these active ingredients, it increases the production of an anti-spot protein by more than 30%.


Beyond its anti-pollution efficacy to prevent environmentally-induced lentigos, Brume Perfection Éclat is positioned as a real anti-spot, complexion radiance & anti-aging treatment.ANTI-SPOT: it reduces the production of melanin, the pigment that causes brown and black spots. How? By reducing by more than half* the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme essential for melanin formation.GLOW & ANTI-AGING: the program includes smoothed skin relief (EGCG, coffee extract), reduced oxidation (EGCG, seaweed extract), reduced glycation (arginine) and optimal hydration (Aloe Vera).


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