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Lipofusion Fluid

Lipofusion Fluid

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Body treatment to contrast cellulite imperfections with prolonged cooling effect.

Rilastil Lipofusion Fluid is a specific treatment to counteract the imperfections of cellulite, with smoothing and reducing properties. Rich in innovative active ingredients and plant extracts that improve the elasticity, tone and softness of the skin.


The Rilastil Lipofusion anti-cellulite fluid fights the imperfections of cellulite, draining excess fluids and improving microcirculation, thanks to the active ingredients Iodotrat, Zedomine-2, Horse Chestnut Vegetable Liposome. It also has a slimming action, because the components Ucpeptide, Atpeptide stimulate lipolysis and decrease the accumulation of fats. Its enhanced formula is immediate and prolonged absorption.



Intended use

Hips, thighs and buttocks

Type of skin

All types of skin

How does Rilastil Lipofusion Anti-Cellulite Fluid work?

The anti-cellulite fluid Lipofusion Rilastil ensures a remodeled silhouette and smooth and hydrated skin from the first application by draining excess fluids, carrying out a slimming action and decreasing the accumulation of fats with a reducing action.

  • Biospecific peptides with reducing effect;
  • Sodium DNA (elasticity enhancer) with elasticizing and smoothing action;
  • Boosting Complex (vegetable active ingredient derived from soy), improves the receptivity of the active ingredients on the skin;
  • Fusion Cooling Technology, innovative and exclusive, for rapid absorption and a prolonged intense cold effect.

How to use

Apply in the morning to the areas to be treated (hips, thighs and buttocks).
Massage with large circular movements until completely absorbed.


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