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S-Line - Protective Dry Oil Vit E Duo-Active SPF50+

S-Line - Protective Dry Oil Vit E Duo-Active SPF50+

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Pharmaceris - S-Line - DUO ACTIVE Protective Dry Oil Vit E Duo-Active SPF 50+ (All Family) 

This effective sunscreen in the form of a nourishing oil is an alternative to traditional cream products. It can be conveniently applied, leaving a nourishing satin finish on the skin, without making it feel sticky.

Pharmaceris S - Protective Dry Oil SPF 50 Duo-Active Formula contains photo-stable UVA and UVB filters which absorb sun rays. It provides top protection against intense solar radiation and harmful external agents and contains vitamin E with a strong anti-oxidising effect, which strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin while nourishing and regenerating the epidermis. The oil provides intense skin hydration, preventing excessive dryness.

It restores the smoothness and softness of the skin. 

Benefits of Pharmaceris S - Protective Dry Oil SPF 50 Duo-Active Formula:

  • Recommended for delicate, sensitive and normal skin requiring very high protection from harmful UVA/UVB radiation.
  • The product is designed to minimise the risk of sunburns and skin discolouration induced by sun exposure.
  • Especially recommended for physically active users.
  • It gives the skin a dry finish with no sticky feeling.
  • Thanks to its DUO-active formula, it can be applied to both dry and wet skin.

Key ingredients:

Vitamin E, Photo-stable, UVA/UVB filters

How to use:

Apply the preparation to the skin 15 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat application every 2 hours and each time after bathing, swimming, physical effort, and after each use of a towel. Degree of protection against UV - 98%.

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