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Organic Linen Shampoo

Organic Linen Shampoo

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ORGANIC Linen Shampoo

Organic Linen Volume Shampoo is formulated for light cleansing of fine hair without volume. Its high-tolerance and biodegradable* formula includes 86% ingredients of natural origin. It is enriched with organic flax fibers, grown and harvested in a short circuit using certified organic farming. True hair guardians, these soluble plant fibers called mucilages are recognized for their hair benefits. They provide immediate and lasting volume to the hair from the roots**. Perfectly clean, textured and sheathed, the hair reveals airy and natural volume, full of suppleness.


A sensory formula with 86% ingredients of natural origin, to infuse volume and lightness into fine hair, packaged in a bottle without a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic case.


• Washes: its ultra-light, gentle cleansing base without sulfated surfactants washes and detangles fine hair with care, without weighing it down. • Texturizes: the Volume Shampoo draws its strength and effectiveness from ORGANIC Linen fibers, known for their volumizing properties**. • Lightening: fine hair reveals amplified volume from root to length, while remaining supple and light, for a long-lasting and natural result.


As often as necessary

Apply to damp hair and scalp.

Lather the shampoo and massage gently.

Rinse hair and scalp. 

Rinse in case of contact with eyes.

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