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Organic Nettle Shampoo

Organic Nettle Shampoo

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ORGANIC Nettle Shampoo

Thanks to its balancing cleansing base enriched with ORGANIC Nettle extract, this shampoo effectively cleanses oily hair and gently reduces excess sebum*. A true treatment with a “blotting” effect, it draws its regulating and cleansing properties from White Nettle, whose root is rich in seboreducing plant active ingredients. Purified, the scalp is clean, the hair remains light and airy for longer. Shampoos are gradually spaced out.


Shampoos gradually become less frequent, the purified scalp regains its balance and the hair is healthy again.


• Purifying: gentle and astringent cleansing base to purify the scalp and oily hair without stripping. • Seboregulator: its seboregulating action rebalances the sebaceous glands and reduces sebum production, for hair that regreases less quickly**. • Allows you to space out shampoos: its effective formula with White Nettle grown with respect for the surrounding ecosystem allows you to limit shampooing.


As often as necessary


Apply to damp hair and scalp.


Lather the shampoo and massage gently.


Rinse hair and scalp.

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