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Purple Repairing No Yellow Mask 200ml

Purple Repairing No Yellow Mask 200ml

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Purple Repairing No Yellow Mask 200ml

Phyto Purple Repairing No Yellow Mask 200ml restores the hair's coolness and luminosity while nourishing and repairing it.


Phyto Purple Repairing No Yellow Mask 200ml is specially formulated for bleached blonde, grey, or white hair. For that purpose, this mask features a formula with a unique blend of powerful active ingredients of plant origin that prevents yellowing. First and foremost, the formula stars violet pigments which correct yellow, copper, or brassy undertones. In addition, Edelweiss extract offers antioxidant protection and, in this way, prevents yellowing. And lastly, White Mallow extract provides the hair with extra shine while Shea butter nourishes and restores the hair fiber. So, this mask repairs the hair while reviving the radiance of cool undertones. Like so, it helps neutralize unwanted undertones that develop in bleached hair or light hair colors over time.

As a last note, this formula contains 97% of ingredients of natural origin. In conclusion, this mask not only leaves the hair nourished and repaired but, most importantly, with a vibrant and luminous color while displaying cool reflections.

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